Werther's Original Wholesale

What’s the secret to just about anything delicious? Ample quantities of really good cream and butter, right? That’s certainly the cornerstone of Werthers’ success in Australia and worldwide. They’re definitely not stingy with the cream and butter when it comes to Werthers candies, chocolate and toffees. As a result, it’s one of the most celebrated brands of lollies around.</p>

A clever German confectioner called Gustav Nebel created his first sugar-coated wares (we’re sure he was extra generous with the cream and butter too!) in a little German town called Werther. Inspired by this, the European family-run confectionery enterprise Storck started creating delicious Werthers candies at the turn of the twentieth century, and a unique brand was born.

The world sat up and paid attention! What were these sensational smooth, creamy, toffee caramel treats and where did they come from? The hard candy shell and the creamy filling made a most desirable impression worldwide, as did the buttery, smooth chewy toffees and éclairs. Today, Werthers cream candies and chocolates still use tried-and-true recipes and super quality ingredients that take you back to childhood and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Since 1996, the mega confectionery wholesaler Stuart Alexander & Co. has been managing the Werthers brand on the Australian market and distributing these gooey and buttery treasures across the country. Candy Bar Sydney now works directly with Stuart Alexander to get Werthers wholesale chocolate, toffees and candies on your doorstep, pronto, at unbeatable prices. Talk to us about stocking up on Werthers in bulk for your retail enterprise or event.