Deck the Table with an Outrageous Christmas Candy Buffet

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Deck the Table with an Outrageous Christmas Candy Buffet

Christmas is coming, and we would totally understand if you were feeling a bit overwhelmed. The pressure is on to be fabulously festive, and there are simply too many gorgeous Christmas bulk lollies out there to choose from. We’d like to apologise for our extensive selection of Christmas themed party supplies, fabulously cheap lollies and delicious chocolates: someone in purchasing might have gone a little bit over the top in her Christmas fervour.

The thing is, we love Christmas unashamedly. We also love the idea of glittering Christmas candy buffets in delightful shades of silver, gold, white, red, green, and even ice blue: we want mind-blowing, tree-topping, magical, and flamboyant displays of lollies, chocolates, and Christmas decorations in all their gluttonous glory. We don’t mean to startle you, we just want to give you the biggest, best, and cheapest possible selection. And now we’d like to help you plan. Here are some quick, easy, and spectacular ideas to fuel your imagination for the festive season at your place.

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If you’re a traditional sort, you’ll be wanting some inspiration for a striking red and white themed candy buffet. Here is our favourite: this gem was used for a Christmas themed baptism in Greece. It combines all the beautiful things we love about traditional Christmases: cupcakes and cookies, gingerbread and candy canes, red ribbons and cinnamon sticks, and then throws in a few modern surprises. Look closely and you’ll see red rock candy crystal sticks, cake pops, red licorice, and Christmas macaroons.
You might think it’s hard to evoke a frozen sparkle in the intense Sydney heat, but if you’re partial to a winter chill at Christmas time, you might like this Winter Wonderland candy buffet from the folks at Sensationally Sweet Events on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Justine Clarke used swirl lollipops, marshmallows, chocolate buttons, rock candy crystal sticks, candy canes, and plenty of sparkling decorations and themed party supplies in blue and silver to create a truly stunning ice queen effect.

Apothecary jars are a simple and beautiful way to create a stunning colour effect at Christmas time with minimum cost and fuss. Choose from a large selection of gorgeous shapes and sizes and fill them with the seasonal sweet treats of your choice. This is a lovely smaller-scale display from Marmee and Company.

Fun and frivolous festive party-goers will coo and gasp with delight when they see this Whimsical Candy Tree, found on A jaw-dropping pastel-coloured delight for kids and adults, this tree makes us think of Hansel and Gretel fused with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with a bit of Shirley Temple thrown in for good measure. Since we’ve got so many luscious lollipops at our Sydney candy warehouse, the team here is considering giving this one a red hot go as part of our 2015 Christmas decorating efforts. What do you think?

If you’re planning a Christmas candy buffet for the office do or seasonal soiree and you’re not sure where to start, our website is full of Christmas themed party supplies, lollies and chocolate. All our wares are beautifully categorised into colours, themes, and lolly types, making it extremely easy for you to find what you want within minutes. We’d be delighted to help you plan.

Deck the Table with an Outrageous Christmas Candy Buffet
Tom 27 May 2018
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