Ever dream of floating down a chocolate Brisbane river? Bobbing in a Melbourne milk chocolate ocean? Bathing in an even-tempered dark chocolate Sydney stream? It's a more common fantasy than you think. Although Candy Bar Sydney is known for its miracle work, we might not be able to give you a vessel of liquid chocolate that covers you all the way up to your shoulders and keeps you warm. All the same, we do have a delicious chocolate fountain. Don't worry about swimming in it, dip marshmallows, strawberries and bananas in it instead and pop them indulgently into your mouth. It feels much better that way and it's not quite as messy afterwards. So now that you have the chocolate fountain that exceeds all your fantasies, you just need to source the perfect chocolate to make this cacao-infused fantasy a reality. This lolly shop has got that covered too.

Callebaut Milk Chocolate For Fountains 2.5kg
59.95 59.95 59.95 AUD
Available in a 2.5kg bag
Bulk discount available for 8 bags
Made from the finest Callebaut chocolate