Purple Sherbet Bombs 500g - 7kg

Defeat your enemy pronto with these unbeatable little zippy treats.
Colour: Purple
Flavour: Blackberry
Weight: 500g - 7kg
Quantity: Approximately 25 Purple Sherbet Bombs in 500g Bag. Appoximately 350 Purple Sherbet Bombs in 7kg Bulk Box.

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Lagoon Confectionery

Lagoon Confectionery is a 100% Australian-owned and operated family business and the original creators of the legendary Sherbet Bomb, a quality product.

We definitely subscribe to the motto “make love, not war.” Still, we wouldn’t mind getting behind a candy war. Our top pick if we were prepping for an all-out battle? Purple Sherbet Bombs, of course. With their sweet blackberry-flavoured exterior and fizzy interior they would slay our opposition in a nano-second. The beauty of this particular weapon is that it’s easy to hit your target. Simply mention to your enemy that you have a few on hand and he or she is sure to rip them out of your hand, stat. Stand by as they’re overcome by the fizzy, sweet taste sensation and then tackle them to the ground. Even better, immobilize them with a big ol’ hug. Then hand them another Purple Sherbet Bomb, eat one yourself, and declare your sugar war over. After all, it’s really no fun to fight with candy. It simply tastes better if you share!


Size 500g Bag or Bulk - 7kg Box
Colour Purple
Brand Lagoon Confectionery
Flavour Berry
Country of Origin Australia