Yellow Sherbet Bombs 500g - 7kg

Your greatest weapon against the predictable? Yellow sherbet bombs.
Colour: Yellow Lollies
Flavour: Banana
Weight: 500g - 7kg
Quantity: Approximately 25 Yellow Sherbet Bombs in 500g Bag. Appoximately 350 Yellow Sherbet Bombs in 7kg Bulk Box.

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Lagoon Confectionery

Lagoon Confectionery is a 100% Australian-owned and operated family business and the original creators of the legendary Sherbet Bomb, a quality product.

Everything is so predictable! We wake up, we go to work or school, we come home, we eat and drink, we sleep. Rinse and repeat. It's an endless cycle of washing dishes and clothes. We drive from A to B down the same streets to the same places and back again. Before you die of boredom, grab a packet of yellow sherbet bombs from Candy Bar Sydney. Why? These babies are an explosion of chaos in an otherwise predictable existence. If you're feeling the grind of the rat race, pop a yellow sherbet bomb in your mouth and savour the explosion of banana flavour. Enjoy the moment of spontaneity. Try a yellow sherbet bomb before you tackle the never-ending pile of homework or paperwork. Just one yellow sherbet bomb explosion should give you the zing you need to get you through the day.


Size 500g Bag or Bulk - 7kg Box
Colour Yellow
Brand Lagoon Confectionery
Flavour Banana
Country of Origin Australia