Let's be honest, whether or not you provide your Christmas party guests with lolly bags, the majority of the candy buffet is still going home with them one way or another. You might as well make it official! Trust us, when your guests spot the lolly bags, they'll sigh with relief that they don't have to cram the goodies into their over-stuffed purses wrapped in a serviette. So now, let's talk theming. Lolly bags used to be kind of kitschy and they never could hold very much. These days they're stylish, sturdy and completely customisable. Brands like Shmick and Five Star are setting the standards. You'll find sleek and elegant designs with modern patterns or slick single-colour varieties. You'll see retro designs, quirky shapes, glitter and glam. And if your heart is calling out for a little bit of Christmas kitsch ... well, we've got that covered too.