We're not exactly saying that the tablecover you choose for the Christmas do is going to make or break the party. Your guests won't drop their drinks in disgust if they disapprove of your choice. Nonetheless, don't underestimate its effect! Gone are the days when you could only find one or two stock standard plastic tablecovers at Christmas time. In 2017, table cover selection is an art. Party themers will be thrilled with the array of single-coloured, spotted, striped and illustrated tablecovers on offer. If it's Scandinavian Christmas chic with a touch of hipster you're going for, you'll find the polka dot tablecovers adorable. Retro party planners will dig the stripes. Minimalists have multiple shades of green and red to mull over. Sophistication demands elegant, understated design: ornamental Christmas trees, golden snowflakes, a touch of sparkle. Whatever Yuletide statement it is you're trying to make, we've got your Christmas table covered. Excuse the pun.